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Thursday, August 25, 2016

I was scrolling Instagram and thinking about a few friends who have massive businesses and ministries and I had a moment of thinking: they're doing big things!

Here's a cool true thing I thought after that: And so am I and so are you!

A few weeks ago I sat in a dorm room praying peace over a friend who was mourning the death of a friend. She doesn’t know Jesus but for a few moments I got to talk to Him on her behalf out loud in front of her. It was a big thing.

Last night I sat with a friend who has heard me walk through my current season which has some pretty specific challenges and she prayed over me. She prayed specific things that my soul needed. It was a big thing.

A couple months ago I looked a stranger in the face and asked him why he doesn’t go to church. For the next hour he told me why. It was a big thing.

I don't really care if people think my work is big but I do care that I do the work God has for me. Because the work He tells me to do (and you too!) is only ever important work.
You've got 37 thousand followers? Cool. You've got 300? Cool. Thousands of likes? Cool. Didn't reach eleven? Cool.
Do good work. Cause what you do matters and is worth doing well. Do it until the Lord.
The big work isn't about numerical stuff. It's about the faithful stuff.
Comparison? It's a killer and a strategic move used by the enemy to distract. So stop it okay? Just keep your eyes on the cross and you knees to the ground and do the good work set in front of you.

You don’t need to freak out because your influence is small. It isn’t friend. Christ is mighty in you and you’re His light so shine bright! 


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Nadine Schroeder≫ ≫Nadine is a noticer of the many small beauties in the everyday and seeks to be a relentless cheerleader of others. She believes strongly that the Gospel is applicable everyday and that the good life is now. She can be found with a black coffee in hand, eyes watching the ever changing colour of the sky, with a new idea about to be shared on Instagram (@nadinewouldsay) or on her blog http://nadinewoudlsay.com . She lives on the west coast of Canada but while hanging out with us she’ll be moving cross country to Montreal.


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