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Sunday, August 28, 2016

What if we hung on to every word from God like we do every word from our love interests? When I am interested in a guy, I have the tendency to passionately desire that he will feel the same way. In our tech savvy age of online dating and texting, it’s common for us to hang on to every word that our crush says…perhaps even analyzing it o v e r and o v e r again, all the while, hoping to find affection in the lines of his text bubble. 

Recently, I was talking to this super intriguing, Godly, and Braveheart-esque guy, hoping that he would be interested in continuing a conversation with me outside of the dating app we were using. While waiting eagerly and hopefully for his next message, God whispered to me, "What if you clung to My words like you do his? I have loved you since the beginning of time and will do anything to show you My love." I melted like Olaf in Frozen (some people really are worth melting for). In that moment, God's sweet whispers reminded me of how beautifully and relentlessly He pursues me. He tells us in Isaiah 43:4, That’s how much you mean to me! That is how much I love you! I’d sell off the whole world to get you back, trade the creation just for you. Now that is some intense love!
In my emotion-filled feminine heart, I often crave this kind of affection, sometimes mistakenly believing that it will come in the next text bubble. However, God’s whispers reminded me that He will always satisfy and that I do not have to go any further than His Word to quench my deepest desires for adoration. 

Instead of hanging on to the words of others this week, I challenge you to cling to our sweet Savior’s passionate, affectionate, and loving words to you. His Word is the ultimate love letter, written specifically to pursue you! Hang on to every word He says about you. His words will never leave you empty or hoping for more. His love will leave you satisfied and with all the feels. See for yourself and embrace His sweet love and affirmation this week! 

{photo: @byhannahrose}

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Rachel Dunaway≫ ≫Bubbly, optimistic, and creative, Rachel is a vivacious lover of life with her roots in sweet home Alabama. Insatiable curiosity and wanderlust propel her into globetrotting, learning new things, and making new friends as often as she can. On Friday nights, you can find her hanging with her besties, eating chocolate ice cream, enjoying aunt life, or watching You’ve Got Mail. A hopeless romantic, her favorite aspect of the Lord is how sweetly and relentlessly He pursues humanity to win their love. She is a fierce dreamer, a difference maker, a world changer, and a child of the King!


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