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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Take a minute. Close your eyes. Listen to the sound of your breath - in and out. In and out. In and out.
There it is. A miracle. The very breath you're breathing, the very air that is filling your lungs, that's the air God breathed into you. It's The Breath of Life Himself in you. 

Genesis 2:7 says that when The Breath of Life was breathed into the nostrils of the body of man, man became a living soul. So, it is also true that when we were born into the kingdom of God, He did the same to us, reviving and awakening our souls to life. 

There's something special about our bodies being a dwelling place for the essence of God Himself. We aren't just born a child of God but we carry God himself within our very beings, within our very lungs. The angels don't even have that. We carry God in a way no other creation can or ever will.

Here's where we must realize that our words actually do have power. The same God that spoke the world into its very existence, breathed that same living breath, that same power of the spoken word into us. Why? So that we might do even greater than Him. So that we might use our words to impact, to heal, to shift, to love, to change, and to create life. The key is to tune into Him, listen to our breath and take those quiet moments to find His heart in every situation and ask what He would have us speak, pray, or declare. We are living, breathing world-changers and the same power with which God created the world rests in us to speak life, love, and His heart to the world. For sure, I tell you, whoever puts his trust in Me can do the things I am doing. He will do even greater things than these because I am going to the Father. Whatever you ask in My name, I will do it so the shining-greatness of the Father may be seen in the Son. Yes, if you ask anything in My name, I will do it. -John 14:12-14 (NLV) 

{photo: @sydneyhoek}

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Katherine Huskey≫ ≫True to form this Nashville native feels most at home roaming the beautiful rolling hills of Tennessee. Katherine enjoys working with her hands, writing, design, travel and endless amounts of Mexican food. Alongside her best friend and husband, Katherine serves as a worship leader in her community and church. Her own story of redemption propels her to seek and reveal the beauty of the unfathomable love of Christ. You can connect and read more about her journey over at thehuskeyhouse.com or on Instagram @thehuskeyhouse.


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