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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The word “beauty” is truly captivating. As Stasi Eldredge helped me see in her book Captivating, we are in deep thirst to be the image bearer and daughter of God we are born to be. But times fall hard, mistakes cloud our vision from the one true God and life wounds our thirsty hearts. I have been there. I spent many times doubting my worth. I have lived days, and still do, where I don’t live like I have access to the Most High God. I am like Moses – I question God on my identity. (Exodus 3:11-12) The truth? My heart doesn’t need to be thirsty for the desire of being seen any longer. 

Once upon a time, every woman has felt the burning desire to be seen as someone worth giving fierce dedication and love to. Then the God who formed the stars in one breath came down to freely give the love to satisfy the desire. 

We cannot focus on who we think we are or based on anything we have done when we navigate our way to finding our worth. Jesus is the lover of our hearts, the romancer of our soul, our joy in the morning, our peace in the night, the living water drenching us with his truth. He shifts my gaze off myself and guides me onward with precious hands. He is swaying with you in your beauty Jesus has crowned you with – the beauty He sees you covered with due to the blood shed on the cross. He sways you to meet Him in the enthusiastic procession as you enter His holy palace. (Psalm 45:15). You are the daughter of God you are called to be because He is living in you. 

Today, He invites you to enhance who you are, allow Him to mend your heart as the same as its Keeper and in Him find your true worth. Your King finds you beautiful, He defines you as His – just as you are and as you are growing to become. For your royal husband delights in your beauty; honor him, for he is your Lord, (Psalm 45:11) . So bring Him pure worship, as pure as the worship of washing His feet with your hair and tears. Cry to Him with joy, thanksgiving. Pour out divine devotion. Adore Him. He is worthy. 


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Grace Martin≫ ≫Grace is a sixteen year old lover of Christ who shares a passion for art, reading and sharing His love through writing. Grace is a huge fan of mint hot chocolate, over-sized sweaters, Bethel Music, and spending time with Jesus.


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