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Monday, August 8, 2016

My mom was recruited to write and direct her church’s children’s Christmas play. She drew her inspiration from her grandson who loves superheroes. Mom has told him that real superheroes live with honor and truth and help others. She has called Jesus “the real boy wonder” and written the script with that in mind. I thought it was a unique way to connect with the children and share the gospel, so I wanted to share some of her original lyrics with you:
Who is this BOY WONDER? Where did he come from?

A symbol on his chest; in a cape, he is dressed.

He represents goodness and freedom for all,

I’ll join this BOY WONDER to champion his cause.
Super heroes are caring, unselfish and true,

Using their powers to save me and you

Fighting for justice they answer our call

They promise protection and safety for all
Wise, brave, and strong they give all of us hope

That honor and truth will prevail on our earth,

We look to the heavens for a sign from afar,

And understand goodness must come from our hearts. 

{photo:@elissagram ; graphic verse: Colossians 1:19-20}

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