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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I’m at that place in my walk with Jesus again. The place where I hear Jesus’s still, small voice nudge me once more to grasp my attention. He lays down the desire, whispering to me through anything that I may come in contact with, “Darling, come and pray to me.”

The Savior who is everything that He promised wants us to offer our hearts to Him in prayer. I stand here now, wondering when was the last time I knelt before Him and said, Speak, your servant is listening, (1 Samuel 3:10). His desire for us is to let go and be enveloped in the Everlasting arms of our God through prayer, to seek our Resurrected Kings guidance, to open our eyes to the blessings He is overflowing in our lives.

Daughter, Jesus holds an invitation for us – an invitation that I have declined over and over. An invitation to sit at His feet, to pray about everything that is on our hearts and of others, and to worship Him for all the promises He has kept and will keep. He doesn’t need our worship or devotion, but yet His desire is to have you bring yourself before Him, to know Him for who He is and for Him to reveal who you are in Him. He invites us to rest at His table – no matter what condition are hearts are in.

There are these lovely words I’ve been holding onto. Let me share them with you.
“May He pour out an abundance of joy and hope that makes you celebrate before the answer comes…You have access to the Most High God. May you live accordingly.” – Susie Larson 

Jesus invites us to be prayer warriors – to pray the promises of the King of Kings with confidence of the miracle before it is even brought down to us, to live our lives listening to His small voice in the intimacy of prayer. The reason why He’s constantly knocking on our hearts door is for this reason – because He wants us to draw near to Him. He provides us with all we need to be and to become a fierce prayer warrior. We have access to the Mighty One. Whether we respond to it is up to us. The choice is ours. 

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Grace Martin≫ ≫Grace is a sixteen year old lover of Christ who shares a passion for art, reading and sharing His love through writing. Grace is a huge fan of mint hot chocolate, over-sized sweaters, Bethel Music, and spending time with Jesus.


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