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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

When asked two months before my grandfather's passing, my older brother asked him what the key to life was. Four simple words that I hear almost everyday, hit me differently this time.
Smile and be happy. 

I’ve always hated tests when I was in school. I was constantly nervous, even when I knew all the information. It would affect my performance, which then affected my self-worth by comparing my grades to my classmates. Often, I am the same way in my faith life. When I feel like God is testing me, I hear different voices in which I can’t figure out if it’s God speaking to me, the devil, or just me overthinking the situation (which would be no surprise!). But what God is really testing me on, and all of us, is simple: He is seeing if our hearts are fully His or not. 

Whether it’s tests, a breakup, a season of waiting, or one of those ever so popular days when we think “once I get this or that, then I will be happy.” I can’t even count how many times I have thought to myself, “once I loose that much weight, once I get married, once I get through this week, once I…” and the list goes on and on. Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart, (Psalm 37:4). Why can’t we just be happy in the moment simply because we are His, and He is ours? That is an eternal promise we know will never be taken from us. Plus, the days that I truly put Him first in my life, I tend to be more peaceful and satisfied. Then, once I delight myself in the Lord, His desires transform into my desires. 

Until we are truly holy, we cannot be truly happy. Today I choose to worship the giver, our Lord, rather than the gift. I choose to follow God simply for who He is, and nothing in return. I will also choose to smile and be happy for not only Him, but also my grandfather. Who knows, maybe a simple smile can make someone else's day as well? 

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Carli Stump≫ ≫ Originally from the great state of Ohio, Carli moved to Nashville, TN, five years ago to attend Lipscomb University and believes that staying in Nashville is God’s calling for her. // An avid foodie with a love for adventure and fellowshipping with good friends, Carli is always in the mood for a good meal and a deep convo. // Currently working for a behavioral healthcare company, she has found a strong passion for working with those struggling with mental health and addiction illness. This has allowed her to better understand that we all have our own, unique story and owe it all to Him. // Carli hopes that being a part of the Daughter of Delight family will help to give her and others the courage to take that leap of faith; in hopes to transform their faith into something bigger and better.


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