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Sunday, September 25, 2016

I’m going to be so real with you: sometimes, I want to lie in bed all day, pull my fuzzy blanket over my head, and ignore whatever that day brings. We all get exhausted. We all get overwhelmed. We all want to take a breather from the rat race that we sometimes feel like we live. We are human, and that is okay.

Our sweet Savior knew our capabilities and limitations when He knit us together. He knew our triumphs and our victories before we fought a single battle. He knew we would have days of discouragement where we did not want to go on any more. But He believed in us enough to give us a glorious purpose, despite us being as the Bible says, “mere mortals.” I love that even when I do not believe in myself, God believes in me. Not only does He believe in me, but He E M P O W E R S me. Because He believes in me so much, He desires that I go all in and truly invest in the work that He has placed in my hands. This verse in 1st Chronicles gets me every time, Consider now, for the Lord has chosen Y O U to build a house as the sanctuary. Be strong and do the work (28:10, NIV). Here the Word of God communicates that we have a place and a purpose in God’s great plan! He chose us to build something great for His kingdom, just like He chose Solomon to build the temple. However, there are two verbs attached to this purpose: be and do.

Maybe if we start being strong and embracing our identity in Christ, we will be able to do the assignment that He has given us. Maybe if we can muster up the resilience to not give up, we will see the heavens open. It is time for us to adopt a spirit of tenacity with the work that God has put in our hands. It is time for us to get a little ‘tude and start building His Kindgom. Our purpose is too great to give up now! Today is our day, our moment, and our hour. We’ve got this, now let’s #workit

{photo: @jayda_rust}

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Rachel Dunaway≫ ≫Bubbly, optimistic, and creative, Rachel is a vivacious lover of life with her roots in sweet home Alabama. Insatiable curiosity and wanderlust propel her into globetrotting, learning new things, and making new friends as often as she can. On Friday nights, you can find her hanging with her besties, eating chocolate ice cream, enjoying aunt life, or watching You’ve Got Mail. A hopeless romantic, her favorite aspect of the Lord is how sweetly and relentlessly He pursues humanity to win their love. She is a fierce dreamer, a difference maker, a world changer, and a child of the King!


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