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Thursday, September 29, 2016

I tend to want everything in my life to be organic. I am not just talking about apples and skincare and cotton sheets. I’m alluding to friendships, to dreams, to time with God. Everything. The best part of an organic process (in my lofty theory) is that it feels genuine yet requires little work on my end. Or does it? 

Organic farming is serious business. The land must be purified of toxins and the methods in which you plant, tend, and reap your harvest are incredibly important. It isn’t easy to bring forth 100% organic crops. While it is natural, it doesn’t happen naturally, without any effort or strategy.
This past week I’ve been realizing that the organic is actually born out of intention. I was journaling with the Lord about how to create more room for Him in my life. Sure, we connect spontaneously throughout the day, but I’m looking to have deep, personal, focused time with Him, and at the moment there isn’t enough room for that in my everyday life. I think what I had hoped would be organic and beautiful and easy is actually full of sacrifice and hard work! I’ve avoided this to some extent because hard work equals striving and striving equals religion. But does it? Could my nitty gritty intention - powered by love - pave the way for really sweet, genuine, consistent time with the Lord? But Jesus Himself would often slip away to the wilderness and pray, (Luke 5:16, NASB). There are several mentions in the New Testament of Jesus retreating to be alone with the Father. If Jesus Christ (who was fully man and fully God) intentionally chose to spend time with the Lord, how much more should I? 

Jesus specifically tells us to spend time alone with God in Matthew 6:6. I am going to set myself up for success by scheduling specific times with the Lord. I’m choosing to set aside my time not out of law, but out of love. It might not be convenient and it might not feel organic, but I know this intention will yield good fruit. 

{photo: @stefanie.madison}

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