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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

To fully grasp the layout of our lives, will never be simple. Because we are unable to peek into the future, what is happening right now in our lives seems risky and confusing. The pain of today blocks us from the view of beautiful redemption in the future. The order of events that we assumed would lead us end up being the polar opposite. The more we realize how we don’t have complete control over our lives, the more we go into the unknown as if we were tiptoeing around what we might think end us up in disaster. 

The truth is clear: heartache is inevitable. We cannot escape hurt no matter how high we build our walls. And truthfully, we hurt ourselves more when we do build those walls. Although heartache is inevitable, there’s something that we should focus more on remembering: The hurt that we experience yesterday, today, and in the future will serve a greater purpose. How we live our lives around others, as fully redeemed and in the process of being healed by Jesus, places a confident hope and joy that will be evident to all who pass us. Other’s seeing how Jesus has carried us all of our lives will be the very encouragement they need to trust that He will do the same for them. 

We are the light of the world, even when not realizing it. The way we live our lives will speak more than words ever will. The way we love and carry ourselves, show tender mercy, offer room for other’s to witness our vulnerability to Jesus, it’s the way God uses us. Right now, yes, we do not fully understand how our pain and hurt will have an impact. But we do know that eventually we will see how it does. We will finally witness all the glory God has been instilling in our lives. I will be faithful to you and make you mine, and you will finally know me as the Lord, (Hosea 2:20). 


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Grace Martin≫ ≫Grace is a sixteen year old lover of Christ who shares a passion for art, reading and sharing His love through writing. Grace is a huge fan of mint hot chocolate, over-sized sweaters, Bethel Music, and spending time with Jesus.


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