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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Yesterday I relocated to a new city to become a flight-attendant-wedding-photographer-superwoman. With little free time and fewer friends this season, I’ve accepted loneliness in exchange for an objectively interesting adventure worth writing about. When people ask me what my goals include, I say that I plan on living a life interesting enough to write a book about. I’m not sure how many think I’m joking, but it’s the darn truth. I practically worship being interesting. To a fault. My reasoning for too many questionable decisions has been, “Well, at least it’ll make an good story!” So, to be completely frank, I’m not sure exactly why I’m here, but I have a hunch it has something to do with that.

It isn’t inherently bad–– doing things for the value of their story can move mountains. However, I am convicted of my deep-set desire to seem interesting, and I don’t think I’m alone. Social media has created a platform so easy for us to build a cool-girl facade upon to smother the loneliness, the insecurity, or simply the fact that we sometimes enjoy being completely ordinary (as we curl up on the couch with Netflix and a cat while ‘gramming the latest crazy adventure).

I don’t wish to lose the desire to be interesting–– it keeps me on my toes! Yet, I hope moving forward I can make a real effort to value being interested over being interesting. Interested in the desires of God’s heart, interested in the well-being of my neighbor, interested in a real-life conversation with a real-life stranger, interested in how my platform can plant seeds of curiosity in others of who He is rather than who I am. Our generation is labeled narcissistic for using social media to feel interesting. With storytelling platforms so powerful, we can all choose to be ambassadors of Christ instead of ourselves. And to that I say #goals. More than this interesting workaholic thing I’ve got going for me now!

He must become greater, I must become less. -John 3:30 (NIV)

{photo: @elissagram}

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Safeena Padder≫ ≫Safeena is a Malibu coastline-dwelling Pepperdine grad turned wedding photographer and aspiring photojournalist. Because of the unlikelihood of her own testimony, she believes that no one is too far from the redeeming love of God. She seeks to live that belief through action and by fostering even more unlikely friendships.

Safeena is passionate about travel, social justice, and the role that creativity plays in driving empathy that will change the world; you can follow her adventures atwww.safeenapadder.com/blog. Her natural habitat is the farmer's market, where you can normally find her with arms full of flowers.


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