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Monday, October 24, 2016

  • Can we have a “keep it real” moment? I used to be afraid to admit that my faith wavers, sometimes. In fact, it can get pretty shaky with doubt and uncertainty. As Believers, we fear being transparent about our faith struggles. We think that being lights in the world means we cannot show we are susceptible to darkness. Well sometimes my faith feels less than the “unwavering faith” we read about in the Bible. I would read the stories of God performing miracles in the Old Testament and scratch my head a little. It all seemed unfathomable. 

  • “God- perform some unbelievable act of power, so that I can see You the way they saw You.” 

  • I somehow thought a modern day miracle like those would be the remedy to steady my shaky faith. One morning, I gazed in awe at a beautiful sunrise. The sky was painted with calming hues. The sun and moon were visible in the sky, simultaneously. I realized that the power of God was evident all around me; I just had to open my eyes to it. Who else can make sure the sun rises and sets, feed all of the creatures in the land, and still care for each of His children? 

  • The same power that was revealed in those stories can be witnessed in the small blessings of each new day. The same God that had special promises for Abraham has promises for me and you. The same God that parted the Red Sea for Moses is making a path for us into our destiny. The same God who protected Noah in the ark is waiting to be our safe haven in our personal storms. The same God that gave David the power to slay a giant is giving us the strength to defeat every obstacle that stands in our way. 

  • So if your faith has ever been on a rough ride on the struggle bus,it’s okay- you are human. But remember to look for God’s unchanging hand in the less exciting, day to day miracles. We cannot pick and choose which part of God’s truths we want to believe. God’s truths have no expiration date. His power, love and grace will always prevail!

  •  “I the LORD do not change,” (Malachi 3:6). 

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