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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The hardest part of trusting God is also trusting His calendar and the process that comes along with His promises. It’s “easy” to remind myself that He brings the good out of all and that His plans prevail all others. But it’s when I think I have gotten where He has always wanted me to be- and find myself still fighting for things to go a particular way, waiting impatiently and being lazy over the “process” of His plans.

In my past, I thought that once I got to a certain place in my faith, that I would finally by happy in all the areas I felt I needed to fill. Today, I sometimes still see myself searching for God simply so I can see what He will give me next.

I never fully believed that the season of waiting was the most beautiful time, until recently. I am actually still in a few waiting seasons that I feel like I have been in for years. But I am learning to accept those waiting seasons by actively waiting. Not just sitting here waiting for something to happen. Through actively waiting, I am growing and learning more than I ever allowed myself to be capable of in the past.

Has He ever shown you an end to a waiting period? Did it look much different and take much longer than you planned? Those unexpected circumstances are always the most perfect ones.

I still have my doubtful moments, simply because I’m human and let the devil sink into my thoughts. Whether it’s for your heart to finally be healed, to reach that goal, meet that person or to see that prayer be answered. Actively waiting in God’s presence is a time for healing brokenness, learning, growing, loving and everything in between. Most importantly, remember that you will never be waiting alone- remember His promise to us. This is a time for your relationship and trust in God to flourish.

I am the Alpha and the Omega- who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty -Revelation 1:8

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Carli Stump≫ ≫ Originally from the great state of Ohio, Carli moved to Nashville, TN, five years ago to attend Lipscomb University and believes that staying in Nashville is God’s calling for her. // An avid foodie with a love for adventure and fellowshipping with good friends, Carli is always in the mood for a good meal and a deep convo. // Currently working for a behavioral healthcare company, she has found a strong passion for working with those struggling with mental health and addiction illness. This has allowed her to better understand that we all have our own, unique story and owe it all to Him. // Carli hopes that being a part of the Daughter of Delight family will help to give her and others the courage to take that leap of faith; in hopes to transform their faith into something bigger and better


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