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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

It is easy living with our hearts set on Jesus and living as a daughter alive and well when we are witnessing an abundant season in our life. But being who we really are in Christ is an ultimate challenge when we are faced with situations that bombard our identity. In the face of crisis, in the middle of tumbling events, growing to become our identity in Jesus has never been harder. 

Keeping our love, our hope, our abundance to forgive, our willingness to continue trusting that the desires in our heart will be and are being fulfilled by Jesus is the ultimate challenge for us. Our lives are not a smooth road. We see many challenges, but we also see many blessings. In the moments when our identity isn’t easy to believe for ourselves, we need to ask God to open our eyes to how He can use these moments to reveal His greatness– to witness to us and to others that even in our identity crisis, He will breathe His strength into us and grant us the ability to still live as His daughter alive in the times of self-doubt and trials.

In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world,” (John 16:33). 

In a world where becoming our true selves in Jesus isn’t always an easy one, God calls us to a higher vantage point when viewing our stories. Once we realize that Jesus draws us nearer to Him in the moments when we have to tap into His strength to be who we are meant to be, we realize His mighty power is made perfect in our weakness. Ultimately our dependence on Jesus is actually the greatest blessing to receive.

We must have courage to be who Jesus calls us to be– alive and praying the promises of Jesus when life seems like a bumpy road. Living as His alive and faithful daughter in the situations when it’s hardest is true courage that Jesus aspires and allows for us to have. And when we have to have courage remember, darling, we are carried a thousand miles and more by our King, our Father, and our friend. 

Have courage, dear heart.  –C.S. Lewis.

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