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Friday, October 28, 2016

I recently attended a conference in New York City. As my friend and I were walking through Time Square one day, a girl caught my eye. She was sitting on the sidewalk holding a cardboard sign that read, “homeless, stressed out, embarrassed.” I kept walking but the scene continues to replay in my mind. I wish I had stopped, looked her in the eye and told her that she is valuable and seen.

Those three words written on her sign summarize an epidemic plaguing humanity today. People feel homeless and they are searching desperately for a place to belong, to fit in and call home. People are stressed out because we are told daily we aren’t enough so we fight to get to the top, stay at the top and maintain an un realistic standard for success. People are embarrassed because of the sins they are guilty of and live under a canopy of shame and regret hoping they can do enough or become enough to absolve it all. People are trying to find their way home, a place where they are accepted, forgiven and loved.

The good news is there is such a place. When we turn to Jesus for help He shows up with answers. He is the antidote for this epidemic because He is: comfort, peace, clarity, hope, joy, provision, healing, freedom, strength, protection and salvation. With Jesus we never have to walk around “homeless” because He has accepted us into HIS family. We never have to fight for acceptance, because He has accepted us just as we are. We don’t have to be bound by shame and condemnation because His sacrifice paid our debt and set us free.

Humanity needs this hope and God has positioned YOU to be His light and mouthpiece here on earth to share this good news with the hurting around you. Jesus is the answer to every hurt this world is feeling, you are the one He is sending with that answer. “How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news!” (Romans 10:15, NLT).

{photo: @missy_e}

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Raema Mauriello≫ ≫Raema served as a Journalist and Search and Rescue Swimmer for four years in the Navy, this is also where she met and married her husband and they currently live in Dallas, Texas with their 4 children. She is on the staff at her local church (Shoreline Dallas) as a project manager and pastor, she is the Director of Communications for a non profit (Treasured Vessels Foundation) and is the author of two published books. She has a heart for women and uses the victories and losses throughout her life to inspire those around her to follow Christ. // Website:www.raemam.com // Instagram: @raemam // Facebook: raema.mauriello


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