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Saturday, October 29, 2016

"‘If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes,” (Mark 9:23, NIV).

When I was starting out on my faith journey, i demanded miracles. I needed some rock solid proof that my perception of God was not a figment of my need for hope at the time. I was witnessing people in poverty for the very first time in my privileged life, dealing with new health issues, learning about heartbreak, and largely unconvinced that a god would let the the perfect storm around me keep brewing. I joked with a friend about my need for miracles at the time and they told me something I’m only now just starting to understand. “Safeena, if you want to see miracles, then start making them.” Miracles are not born from thin air, from squeezing your eyes tight enough and thinking that when you opened them again your reality would be different, or from waiting for someone else to heal the world. Miracles are born from God, from persistence in prayer, and from one other key ingredient–– sacrifice.

God gives us the faith and will to create miracles with our sacrifice. When we have only five loaves of bread and two fish, who would think it possible to feed thousands? When we have barely enough to pay the bills, who would think it possible for us scrappy post-college kids to make a dent in world hunger relief? Our job is not to know if we are “sufficient” to create the miracles we want to see; our job is to sacrifice faithfully and then give it to God to turn those sacrifices into miracles. The funny (and beautiful) thing about creating miracles with our sacrifice is that we start to see the miracles around us a lot more. They’re not always mind-blowing magical turn-of-the-century things, but they’re always there–– in human interactions, in healing, in all-too-convenient timing, and in our own relationship with God.

About the Author

Safeena Padder≫ ≫Safeena is a Malibu coastline-dwelling Pepperdine grad turned wedding photographer and aspiring photojournalist. Because of the unlikelihood of her own testimony, she believes that no one is too far from the redeeming love of God. She seeks to live that belief through action and by fostering even more unlikely friendships.

Safeena is passionate about travel, social justice, and the role that creativity plays in driving empathy that will change the world; you can follow her adventures atwww.safeenapadder.com/blog. Her natural habitat is the farmer's market, where you can normally find her with arms full of flowers.


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