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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

This weekend, as I attended the wedding of a young couple, my overly sensitive to romance-based heart was brought to life that evening. As the longing drove deeper, I couldn’t deny how badly I wished for God to speed up time until the moment when I would be dressed in white and I’d be able to spend the rest of my life with the one whom my soul loves (Song of Songs 3:4).

Often times in our life, we want to speed up time to get to the place we sense God leading us – whether it be the official marriage of a God-filled relationship or God finally providing the foundation for the dream we’ve been striving for. The work, the time, the effort that it takes to reach that point isn’t always an easy road. It’s messy. Who wouldn’t want to speed up time?

There’s something important we are missing here. We are not setting our minds on the things above (Colossians 3:2). By not setting our minds on the things above, we aren’t focusing on how God views this period of waiting.

He sees this time as a gateway for growth. A time where we can truly know Him for all who He is and not who we think He is. A time where He will awaken our hurting heart. There are places in our hearts that are still aching for His healing. He uses this time to heal the life wound, to mend it, to fight for us to be fully and beautifully restored. A time to refocus our minds on the ultimate goal before us. (Philippians 3:14) He takes the anxious waiting and uses it as a tool to prepare us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for all the things He has in store for us.

This doesn’t mean that even after this waiting, there won’t be more waiting seasons. It simply means that although there will be other times in our life where the wait to see God’s plan follow through is difficult to understand, we can still count on the fact that our Heavenly Father loves to come through. “The way God fulfills a desire may be different from what first awakened it.” – John Eldredge. 

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