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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Prayer is something I feel like is meant to be the most peaceful feeling. I sometimes think that when I center myself in His presence, I have to act like all things are daisy's and roses. But there are times where my jealousy, confusion & frustration in certain areas of my life make it really hard to come into prayer confidently saying "Your purposes and plans prevail.” To me, to receive the most peaceful thoughts and really hear God, we have to get through the nitty giddy subjects. He says to talk to him about everything on our minds. Everything. Even the things we “think” we can do on our own.
I have been reading a book that explains prayer as oil and vinegar. In the beginning of prayer sometimes we have to pour out all the vinegar we have in order to get to the good stuff. This may be the fears, doubts, frustration, confusion, jealousy, etc. 

This act of prayer helps me realize how much I actually am unknowingly covering up from God. I don’t have the answers to why things go certain ways in our lives, and sometimes I don’t think we are supposed to understand. If we understood and knew everything that was going to happen, we would think we didn’t need God or His help ever. I think that’s why he places each event perfectly. 
Sometimes we truly don't understand why things go a certain way in my life, or why we have had to wait years and years and still have no answers. But it's those unanswered prayers that seem to be the greatest blessings later in life. 

So, I just want to remind you: Give everything you have to God. I mean everything. The good, the bad, the confusion, the non-understanding, the frustration- all of it. Giving Him all of you, will give you all of Him. Prayer doesn't always have to be the most perfect painted picture. The power of the listening that awaits us in prayer is what is the best. 

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. -Mark 11:24)

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Carli Stump≫ ≫ Originally from the great state of Ohio, Carli moved to Nashville, TN, five years ago to attend Lipscomb University and believes that staying in Nashville is God’s calling for her. // An avid foodie with a love for adventure and fellowshipping with good friends, Carli is always in the mood for a good meal and a deep convo. // Currently working for a behavioral healthcare company, she has found a strong passion for working with those struggling with mental health and addiction illness. This has allowed her to better understand that we all have our own, unique story and owe it all to Him. // Carli hopes that being a part of the Daughter of Delight family will help to give her and others the courage to take that leap of faith; in hopes to transform their faith into something bigger and better


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