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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

There are days I wake up and I can feel it nagging at me, causing me to close my eyes tight and roll over quickly away from the sun. An aching dullness, a simmering anxiety for the day to come, a heart already struggling to hold on to hope. Have you felt this, too? For years of my life I struggled with depression and anxiety. When I met the Lord, I was surprised to see that as I became acquainted with this Father who loved me, those old patterns of fear and despair began to lessen and disappear. The dullness, the simmering anxiety: they became less familiar, and instead, I began to wake up each morning with an unexplainable delight for the unknown to come. God’s saving is complete — His healing is, too.

So what do we do when those old feelings and ways creep back to haunt us? What do I do when I wake in the morning to that familiar gnawing pain, the heart afraid of the day to come? 

I stop before I spin out of control. I deliberately turn my face back towards the sun and I remind myself: “He is with me.” He was with me in all of my years of despair, even though I could not see it. Every heartbreak, every moment of loneliness or fear: He was there. And when he went to the cross, He took all that pain and trauma with him — not so that I could lock it up and shove it down to appear holy and pleasant — but so that I could face them and rise against them with confidence and peace. He is with me! I am not alone, as those feelings would have me believe. I am not empty, incapable, or full of fear. There is nothing in my life my God has not seen, and nothing He will miss. I did not know the Lord my entire life, but I do know Him now — and I know each day comes like the promised land to the Israelites after years in a desert. There is no better time for me to enter into what was promised, there is nothing there that the great love of my God cannot overcome. 

Those old feelings may return, but I will not let them convince me to question what he has said. The Lord, my God, the Creator of Heaven and earth is with me. 

He is with me, and He is with you, too. 

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About the Author

Alaina Stratton≫≫Alaina is a writer based in Nashville, TN, where she lives with her husband, Blake. They met in 7th grade band and spend most of their time flirting over cups of well made coffee. Through writing Alaina shares personal stories of moments and movements of the heart; thoughts on identity, marriage, life with God, and more. Her greatest desire is to encourage others towards deeper intimacy with themselves and the Lord. 

She also writes for her personal blog (www.alainastratton.com) and podcasts alongside her husband for White Flag Wealth: a journey into God’s promise of abundant life (available in iTunes or wherever you download podcasts).


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