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Friday, November 4, 2016

For God's gifts and His call are irrevocable.
-Romans 11:29

At what point in our lives do we begin to make excuses for what God has naturally gifted us and wired us to do? We apologize and downplay the part we are meant to play in this generation and because of this we are really withholding forward movement in bringing Heaven to Earth.

Can we all agree to just be ok with being gifted and wired in the things God has called us to do? And just own it without making excuses as to why you are good at that thing? And don't apologize for noT being gifted at other things because someone else is. We have created a culture of mimics and have very few originals because we are all trying to recreate what "worked" for someone else. I'm a fan of not reinventing the wheel when it comes to certain things but I also recognize God has u n i q u e l y wired me to reach who He has called me to reach in a way that hasn't been done before. The world doesn't need another so and so, the world needs you and what He has created you to do and how He have created you to do it. You see, when we try to be someone else we are capping God's ability to work in and through us the way He wants to. He doesn't need duplicates when He has made an original, then He broke the mold.

When we don't step into our callings we are withholding a gift God wants to bless others with, through us. If you are called to be a chef, a stay at home mom, a counselor, an electrician, a mechanic, a secretary or admin, an accountant, a model, author, pastor, speaker, singer or whatever, BE that 100% without apology. The world is waiting for us to step into who we have been designed to be. But here's the thing, these gifts aren't for us, they are to bring glory to God. You matter, what you have to offer is important and I know God is waiting for His kids to break new ground, invent new things, sing new songs, write new books, raise a generation of new thinkers, create new things. Be unapologetic about who you have been created to be and may everything you do bring glory to God!

{words: @raemam ; photo: @missy_e}

About the Author

Raema Mauriello≫ ≫Raema served as a Journalist and Search and Rescue Swimmer for four years in the Navy, this is also where she met and married her husband and they currently live in Dallas, Texas with their 4 children. She is on the staff at her local church (Shoreline Dallas) as a project manager and pastor, she is the Director of Communications for a non profit (Treasured Vessels Foundation) and is the author of two published books. She has a heart for women and uses the victories and losses throughout her life to inspire those around her to follow Christ. // Website:www.raemam.com // Instagram: @raemam // Facebook: raema.mauriello


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