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Sunday, November 13, 2016

It passes so slowly and so quickly at the same time. As I explored Nashville this weekend, a city I used to call home but have been away from for 6 years, I pondered the highs and lows in the time in between.

Nashville didn't stand still, and neither did I. A rebirth happened in both of us, a transformation that is beautiful and undeniable. You see, Nashville and I both withstood heartbreak within those six years. Natural disasters and personal disasters devastated both of us.

After the flood, Nashville began painting murals around the city to display their resilience. Being the classic tourist I was, I wanted to take a picture next to the wings mural in the Gulch. The wings were beautiful all by themselves, but then realized how symbolic they are about our Christian walk.

You see, our lives, even as a Christian are rarely a cake walk. But it is in these moments of weakness that we are able to rise up and be stronger than before, which Micah 7:8 resonates, "When I fall, I will R I S E." We have all fallen and fumbled, but we were made to arise and to soar with the wings of eagles. Now is our time to fly and to joyously embrace the journey. Join me today in allowing God to be the wind beneath your wings as you R I S E up and soar!

{words: @joyfulrach ; photo: @stefanie.madison}

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Rachel Dunaway≫ ≫Bubbly, optimistic, and creative, Rachel is a vivacious lover of life with her roots in sweet home Alabama. Insatiable curiosity and wanderlust propel her into globetrotting, learning new things, and making new friends as often as she can. On Friday nights, you can find her hanging with her besties, eating chocolate ice cream, enjoying aunt life, or watching You’ve Got Mail. A hopeless romantic, her favorite aspect of the Lord is how sweetly and relentlessly He pursues humanity to win their love. She is a fierce dreamer, a difference maker, a world changer, and a child of the King!


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