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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Why "she laughs?" I got asked.
It is a simple saying that sticks with me personally,” I answered. “One I choose to use as a public reference to myself, my writing and my testimony.” 

"She laughs" is the motto I live by. It is pulled from one of my favorite books of the Bible (Proverbs), and it drives me to be who God calls me to be. It helps form my character. My ambition. My role as a wife and a mom. It is my simple way of reminding myself of what God has done for me and what is to come. It is God's truth and promise that no matter what has, what is or what will- in and through Him I can laugh at the days to come.

She is clothed with strength and dignity and she can laugh without fear of the future
-Proverbs 31:25 (NIV)

It allows me to look at my past and say, "I can laugh because He has proved His faithfulness". It allows me to look at the present and say "I can laugh because I know He is faithful." And it allows me to look toward the future and say "no matter what is to come, I can laugh, because He has already assured me He works all things to His glory, and I trust in His faithfulness."

God's promises are true. They are endless treasured words of affirmation that we can hold safely in our hearts and rely on day by day. No matter our circumstances, no matter our past- God is for us. And we can be assured that everything we have endured, are enduring or will endure, He has a greater plan and purpose for it all that glorifies His Kingdom. And because of Him and these promises, I really can laugh at the days to come, with a fearless heart. He didn't promise there would be no pain... and he does assure us that we will face trials of many kinds. But He also tells us that in those troubles, we should consider it an opportunity of great joy, as it tests our faith and produces perseverance (James 1:2-4).

As long as we are anchored in Christ we can all laugh without fear in our hearts- as we trust His faithfulness, rely on His promises, and find our hope in Him.

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About the Author

Ashley Thrift≫ ≫ Ashley is a happy homemaker; a proud wife of her handsome and hard-working high-school sweetheart, and a very blessed mom of three amazing, crazy and energetic kiddos. In the good ole' southern upstate of SC, where Ashley is from, you will find her devoting herself to Jesus first, being a wife and mama second, and striving to be an overall woman of proverbs 31. When she is not running frantically off of coffee (chasing toddlers or carpooling; rushing to the the dance studio or ball fields), she is settled intimately in her Bible listening for the whispers of God. She also enjoys small group Bible studies with her mama friends, writing to serve God through her church writing team (NewSpring.cc) and her blog <www.p31shelaughs.com>, and still dating her husband even after seventeen years. She wears strength and dignity with laughter in her heart as she trusts God's faithfulness which has already assured her works all things to his glory (Proverbs 31:25). She knows that her story is being written by the one Almighty, and by His glory she tries to embrace what He is teaching her through each chapter- living on grace.


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