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Friday, December 2, 2016

So many of us are walking around not living in total freedom of who God created us to be. We carry the burden of needing to be validated by others. We find dissatisfaction in our lives daily, because we become so busy paying attention to others highlight reels of life on social media and television.

As we compare our lives with the next person’s life, we lose our identities trying to replicate others. The feelings of being inadequate consume us and we become unhappy with ourselves. So far gone from our true identities, we began to realize we’ve lost ourselves.

"Who am I?" one may ask herself. "Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee," (Jeremiah 1:5, KJV).

Why do we go searching to be someone else, when God created us to be who He wanted us to be? God knew who He was creating and how He wanted the stories of our lives to unfold. He knew each unique quality and gift we would share with this world. Trust that He made no mistake when creating you.

I’ve wrestled with who God created me to be. I sought approval from everyone. I looked at other’s lives, instead of being thankful for the life I had been given and living it abundantly. My failure to be pleased with who God created me to be prevented me from appreciating my worth, every test, joy, pain, high, and low. What I failed to realize is that every obstacle in my life was building my character and has been helping me evolve into who God created me to be to fulfill His purpose on this earth.

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath ordained that we should walk in them," Ephesians 2:10 (KJV).

My dear friend, you are perfect just the way that God created you. He knew who you would become before you were conceived. You were created on purpose for a purpose to do good works for Him. Maybe you have not arrived yet, but trust your journey and trust Him. He cared enough about every detail when creating this earth, surely He cares about every detail of your life.


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Janteya Ford≫ ≫ Janteya Ford is a mother, daughter, sister, and friend. She resides in Minneapolis, MN, where you can find her creating memories with her loved ones, dining at a fancy restaurant, sipping espresso at a cozy coffee shop, or checking out art at one of her favorite museums. She is currently pursuing her passions as an entrepreneur through various ventures. Her extreme passion for writing and sharing God's amazing love brought her to Daughter of Delight. She prays that she can be a blessing to all who read.

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