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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I’m bursting with God-news; I’m dancing the song of my savior God. God took one good look at me, and look what happened — I’m the most fortunate woman on earth! … It’s exactly what He promised. -Luke 1:46-55 (MSG)

I am thankful for a sweet and necessary reminder of the start: the humanity of Jesus and the woman who would bear him, years before the crucifixion that would save me. 

I remember the young woman who said yes to an impossible task and the Good Father who planned it all. I am overcome with the joy of His presence, undone by His desire to be near to me. I am overcome, undone -- because He came. I don’t know what Mary knew then, but I know that God knew everything. And as He knit Jesus together in Mary’s womb, He was thinking of me. He was thinking of you. It's extraordinary and difficult to comprehend. We are so safe within His promises, within His plans. 

Mary’s response here reminds me of what matters most: we must remember Him and we must rejoice. We remember the story, let it sink in and feel the weight of it in our bones. And then we let it bubble back up as worship.
Remember the start — Mary rejoiced! She didn’t question or temper her expectations. Like Mary, we are nestled safe in between His promises and His faithfulness. 

All we have to do is respond. Suspend our questions. Put the self-improvement goals and obligations on the shelf and just respond to His presence. What a gift it is to remember His faithfulness, to give him the gift of our rejoicing. 

Thank you, Father for the incredible, intentional story you’ve written. Thank you that we can be like Mary -- caught up, enamored with the goodness of the most high King, who sees us and has a plan. Let us be swept away in worship. Let us be so enamored, so filled with joy that nothing else would matter. Let us retain the awareness to pause and remember -- and to R E J O I C E. Despite questions or fears -- my God, I will worship you. 

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Alaina Stratton≫≫Alaina is a writer based in Nashville, TN, where she lives with her husband, Blake. They met in 7th grade band and spend most of their time flirting over cups of well made coffee. Through writing Alaina shares personal stories of moments and movements of the heart; thoughts on identity, marriage, life with God, and more. Her greatest desire is to encourage others towards deeper intimacy with themselves and the Lord.

She also writes for her personal blog (www.alainastratton.com) and podcasts alongside her husband for White Flag Wealth: a journey into God’s promise of abundant life (available in iTunes or wherever you download podcasts).


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