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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

One of my favorite artists is Amanda Cook and in her song “Heroes” she has an incredible lyric: “You taught my feet to dance upon disappointment; I will worship You.” To dance upon disappointment has such a powerful vision to it. Disappointments point us to God and help us realize how much we need Him. When we dance upon disappointment, we are celebrating the disappointment because we have a God who is greater than any hardship we could ever experience.

I just came out of a season where every door I tried to walk through kept closing. Every job I applied for, every relationship I tried to invest in, and every opportunity I pursued, God would not let it happen. I was upset, disappointed, depressed, and felt like I was not good enough because I was not chosen. I was working at a job that was not my passion and I wanted more. Every single disappointment and hardship has a reason and a purpose. We may not know yet the reason why we are called to walk it, but we do know it will be used for the glory of the Lord. Disappointment is inevitable because we live in a fallen world, but if we can learn to worship and dance among the disappointment, God will teach us more than we could ever imagine. 

Whatever discouraging time you are walking through right now, God wants you to turn to Him and seek after Him. “He is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in Spirit,” (Psalm 34:18). He is the only One who can give you true peace and true joy through the disappointing times. Through all of the disappointments and let downs, God opened the perfect door at the perfect time for me. He taught me to never stop trusting His plan and to never stop seeking after Him even when I feel as if the entire world is against me. There is hope, sisters. There is hope in Christ. 

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Jessica Calhoun≫ ≫A lover of all things coffee, extremely introverted, and very tall, Jessica is an old soul with her home in Birmingham, Alabama. As a newlywed, she is experiencing the unrelenting pursuit of Christ shown through the love of her husband. Through her passion of writing, she hopes to share the love of Christ with those who encounter the words He gives her. When she isn’t helping brides find their dream wedding gown or having coffee dates with her best friends, you can find her curled up on the couch with her fur baby, watching Gilmore Girls, and eating Frosted Flakes. If you want to follow along her journey of pursuing her passion, check out her blog: graceandmagnolias.wordpress.com.


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