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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

You turned my wailing into dancing, you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy.  -Psalm 30:11 (NIV)

These days I often wake up to blisters and skin rubbed raw: battle wounds of holy moments where feet danced and bare knees met hardwood in worship. I’m a dancer on my church’s worship team, and for me, this is a miracle. Dancing was something I let die years ago. It wasn't a holy or righteous death, not an idol God destroyed. I let it happen because I was overwhelmed with depression and tired of comparison. I didn't know God or His ways. I had graduated college and fell straight off the deep end. It was all I could do to wake up in the morning, let alone go to class. 

Dance was a part of myself I let slip away because I needed to keep moving to survive. 3 years later I was saved and showed up to ministry school, ready to lay my life down for Jesus. Then He asked me to dance. I was livid. It’s been too long! Makes no sense! I’ll look stupid! But God’s promises for redemption are not conditional; they are not halfway or selective. When you sign on for Jesus you sign on for ALL of Him. He already signed on for ALL of us: our bodies and souls, our dead and dying dreams, even the parts of ourselves we willingly put away in fear or shame. 

What if it wasn't a fair exchange of the price He paid that you would abandon the very gifts He gave you to enjoy?
What if He wants to reach back into those dead dreams and resurrect those, too? Not just part of your life, but all of it? 

When I dance, those moments where bare knees meet hardwood -- I am on my knees before God, being fully myself. There was a time in my life I had no hope for such restoration or joy -- these marks on my feet, they are battle wounds of overcoming Death. If I said no to dancing out of my offense, I would have refused His full resurrection life in mine. Now, He has turned my mourning into dancing and clothed me in joy. And He will do it for you, too. 

What have you let die that He wants to resurrect? 

About the Author

 Alaina Stratton≫≫Alaina is a writer based in Nashville, TN, where she lives with her husband, Blake. They met in 7th grade band and spend most of their time flirting over cups of well made coffee. Through writing Alaina shares personal stories of moments and movements of the heart; thoughts on identity, marriage, life with God, and more. Her greatest desire is to encourage others towards deeper intimacy with themselves and the Lord.

She also writes for her personal blog (www.alainastratton.com) and podcasts alongside her husband for White Flag Wealth: a journey into God’s promise of abundant life (available in iTunes or wherever you download podcasts


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