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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

No weapon that is formed against you will prosper...This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, And their vindication is from Me. -Isaiah 54:17

This will be the story of your promised land. This, right here: the moment that looks more like defeat and a little bit like bitterness, and actually you’d like to just call the whole thing off right now.


You’re going to be one of the ones that rise up holy. The ones that fight the good fight when the battle looks to be over, the hope-filled crusader who wouldn’t back down. It’s who you are. 

You’ve got a destiny and a calling and a real good heart — none of which are worth sacrificing at the altar of fear. Pick up your weapons. Stand your ground. He’s coming with you and there’s no weapon crafted anywhere stronger than Him. 

It may seem as if the story would end here, but stand strong: this isn’t the end, it’s the start. The overtaking, overcoming; the conquering and the battle cry that will leave your enemy shaking in their boots. This land is yours for the taking — not the end of the run but the beginning of a glorious new start. It’s the beginning of the inheritance with no sorrow. The walking into the dream of dreams. 

Those who love the Lord will not be put to shame -- those who love the Lord, for them He will complete all things He has begun. This season of challenges strung together, the days that feel mundane, the prayers spoken in surrender and in love even when you are broken: all of it will become the holy verses and chapters of your wild testimony with a wild, passionate God. It will be the story of a faith-filled, powerful woman who dared to take Him at His word. 

This is the story of your promised land, ripe for the taking when the enemy would have you thinking it’s all but lost. By grace you’re never lost, but always found by the One who’s secured victory once and for all. 

Rise up now, holy -- rise up now, strong. Where you were bracing for battle, surrender -- something wonderful starts. 


About the Author

 Alaina Stratton≫≫Alaina is a writer based in Nashville, TN, where she lives with her husband, Blake. They met in 7th grade band and spend most of their time flirting over cups of well made coffee. Through writing Alaina shares personal stories of moments and movements of the heart; thoughts on identity, marriage, life with God, and more. Her greatest desire is to encourage others towards deeper intimacy with themselves and the Lord.

She also writes for her personal blog (www.alainastratton.com) and podcasts alongside her husband for White Flag Wealth: a journey into God’s promise of abundant life (available in iTunes or wherever you download podcasts


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