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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Will I have the same friends? I often pondered this question after committing to follow Jesus. I wasn’t sure if my friends would look at me differently or how they’d respond when I shared my good news. I was afraid I’d lose them. These were friends of mine who didn’t know Christ. 

Now, I realize that friendships don’t last forever. But four years ago, I knew whom I trusted and could call at any hour of the night. However, after choosing Jesus, I realized that God had other plans for those friendships. His plans included: 

Ending friendships.
I’d had friendships end before, but the ones that ended after I knew Him? Those were the friendships I desperately clung to and persisted in keeping alive. One of them was a friend I’d known for a few years, and we were inseparable. When I shared my decision to follow Christ, she said she could see that something was different and that I had “a light.” But less than a year later, she stopped talking to me and moved away without saying goodbye. 

Growing friendships.
What’s amazing is that many of the friends I had before following Christ have grown into deeper companions. One day, a friend at work and I somehow got on the topic of our faith, and our friendship—which had its roots—began to bloom into one that had Christ at the center of it. 

Creating friendships.
I could never have imagined how the Lord would bless me with new friends after He closed the door on others. Two of my fiancé’s friends I met after we began dating were women who were on fire for the Lord. They challenged me to join them in Bible study, encouraged me and prayed for my relationship. “A friend loves at all times,” (Proverbs 17:17a, NIV).
Are you having difficulty trusting the Lord with your friendships? Are you wondering why He abruptly concluded some of those chapters? Have faith that the Lord recognizes your struggle and that He desires to bless you with people after His own heart. 


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