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Thursday, February 2, 2017

It is in your relationship with Me that you discover who you really are.” -Sarah Young, Jesus Always

I wish I had known this revealing truth earlier in my life. At 22, I was living adventurously and on my own in New York City. I had it all mapped out: I’d climb the corporate ladder at my job, get married a few years later and live in a nice home outside the city. More than three years later, I was without a job, boyfriend and had moved back to my hometown in Michigan. Failure was a word that came to mind far too often. 

Has your life ever been going smoothly and then bam—life veers you off course and you can’t quite get back on track? After coming home, I spent the next four years coasting through life. I dated a little, didn’t have a passion for my job and the new friends I’d made weren’t good friends yet. I was on this soul-searching journey all for myself; I didn’t know Christ and thought I was the author of my own life. 

If your first concern is to look after yourself, you’ll never find yourself. But if you forget about yourself and look to me, you’ll find both yourself and me." -Matthew 10:39 (MSG)

If we keep journeying through life without Him, we won’t truly discover who we’re meant to be and which direction to take. We’ll keep swerving off course and missing the exit He wants us to take. While I wish I’d known Christ much sooner, I sometimes reflect on how life would have turned out if what I’d planned actually happened. One particular thought always comes to mind: I may not have come to know Him. Now, I’ll never know if that’s true, but I know God brought me so high in life and then to my ultimate lowest so that I would seek Him and continue to ask for direction and guidance. 

Are you on a journey of self-discovery—and seeking Him along the way? Pause, reflect and pray through each step of the journey. He may be trying to reach out to you, and you just need to be quiet your mind and listen. 

We are His daughters, and He delights every time we call on Him! 

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About the Author

Lindsay Weiskittel≫ ≫ Raised in the Mitten state, Lindsay’s love for the written word began at a very young age—in fact, you could often find her with a pad of paper, penning what she dreamed would someday become the next great American novel. After graduating college, a new adventure awaited in NYC, where she pursued a career in book publishing. Almost four years later, God called her back home to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she currently resides and works as a writer and editor. Many things bring Lindsay joy these days, including fellowship with her friends, cheering on the Michigan State Spartans, the perfect cup of Earl Grey tea and planning a wedding with the amazing man God designed for her.


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