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Monday, February 20, 2017

In moments of hardship and weakness, what is your immediate response? Maybe you’re a little like me and panic for a bit and then think: I’ll ring my Dad. Maybe when you or a loved one becomes unwell you rush to the doctor. Maybe you simply try to solve the problem yourself.

You see, most of us try to do this, even in the knowledge that we are not designed to be independent, self-sufficient beings. We can be so quick to acknowledge that we have a loving Creator and yet live in solitude like those who believe otherwise.

Apparently it takes around 30 days to make something a habit. Why not try to commit to turning to God each time something goes wrong – even if it’s just that you’re running a couple of minutes late. Wake up each morning and confess: "I am going to 'be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus' (2 Timothy 2:1, NIV) today." And the great thing about doing this is, we get to stand in His strength, which is obviously far superior to our own, and we can live in the knowledge that we live by grace. That way, when we mess up, we don’t let it damage our identity – which is rooted in Christ. We can say with certainty: "While I may sin, I am still a Saint." The good news doesn’t stop there either. When we humble ourselves and accept that we are weak and God alone makes us strong, we give God the full glory for all He does for us. Give Him the opportunity to help you before you seek the help of others or even yourself. Otherwise you may just steal yourself of a miracle.

He loved you enough that He sent His only Son for you. He still loves you that much now. Live in that love. It really is powerful. 

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Naomi Grace Armstrong≫ ≫
 Naomi is a nineteen-year-old university student who spends more time in Church and with her friends than she actually does studying for her English and Journalism degree! She lives in the rainiest city in the UK (Manchester) - but that doesn't stop her from spending lots of time walking, listening to her immensely long Spotify 'Praise' playlist and coffee shop hopping. She has a passion for overseas mission and has been a worship leader for some time now.


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