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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Do not set your heart on anything that is your neighbor’s,” (Exodus 20:17b, MSG). 

The latter part of this verse from the Message sadly reminds me that in certain periods of our lives, many of us are not fully satisfied with all God’s given us. We live in a world that sets us up to be envious of and covet what others have. Watching an HGTV show may prompt you to wish you could afford a nicer home. Perhaps your friend shared that she’s pregnant, and it stings because you and your husband have been trying to conceive for a while without success. Maybe your younger sister announced she’s engaged, and while you’re thrilled for her, you thought you’d be married before her. Okay, that last one’s about me. 

At the time, I’d been in a relationship longer than my sister, so when she became engaged, I began to question God’s plan for my relationship—why weren’t we engaged yet? As her maid of honor, I struggled with envying her throughout the wedding planning because I fell into Satan’s trap of believing there was a reason why my boyfriend at the time hadn’t proposed. Today, I know the truth that God planned for my sister to marry first, and He desired more growth in my relationship—and that was actually okay. If my fiancé and I were engaged sooner, I firmly believe we wouldn’t have been as ready as we are now. 

Are you in a season of envy? Take a breath, and put these two practices into action: 

Thank the Lord for what you have.
Take a hard look at your life and express gratitude for everything the Lord has blessed you with and how He has enriched your life. If you find yourself inserting “but” while giving thanks, keep striving to look up to the ultimate prize that is Christ.

Acknowledge your envy to Him. While your Father doesn’t want you to question His plan, He is your friend, comforter and the One who loves you the most. Share your concerns and frustrations with Him, and ask for release from the sin of envy.

Lastly, never stop sharing your hopes for the future with Him. 

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