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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Think of a time when you were forced to wait on something that was promised to you. 

If we’re honest, I believe some of us could relate this with the promises of God. When God promises us something, it can sometimes take years for that thing to come to pass. 

In transparency, I will say that I have been there. I found myself getting  weary while waiting on a promise from God. I even began to question if I may have misunderstood Him or maybe I’d made the whole thing up in hopes that it was God and not just my own desires.

These thoughts rang on for quite some time until God revealed that my perspective was completely wrong. God doesn’t look at the material things that we humans pay attention to most. God doesn’t measure at how much money is in your bank account or whether you’re single or married. He doesn’t look at how many likes your posts get or how many followers you have.

God looks at your heart and He pays close attention to your faith.
The Bible says that the promises of God are ‘yes and amen’, meaning that they are already fulfilled through Him (2 Cor. 1:20). 

The faithfulness of God has nothing to do with us.

Most of us carry this notion that God is looking for a ‘yes and amen’ in us, and that until He finds it, we won’t get anywhere. But this is the complete opposite of the truth. God is actually trying to bring us to a place where we are totally convinced that there is no yes or amen to be found in us. There is not a single thing any of us can do that will affect the faithfulness of God. Ever.

The promises that He makes are encompassed by the purpose and will that He has set out to fulfill through each of us. 

Looking back, I’ve realized that I allowed my repetitive disappointments from unfaithful people in my life reflect my faith in the One who is and always will be consistently faithful. 

Let’s get something straight, we are unfaithful. God is not.

Whatever it is that He’s promised you is not forgotten. He is faithful to fulfill every promise and every desire that He has placed in your heart.

About the Author

Cassie Rogers

Cassie is a 26-year-old Dallas native, passionate about seeing this generation live and walk in the fullness of Christ. She was not raised in the church but was found by Christ as a 20-year-old, alcohol-addicted college student. Fast forward 6 years, she is currently a Christian Ministry major advancing into the fields of Biblical and Theological Studies. She also serves on the altar ministry team at her home church. When she is not providing care for patients as a Dermatologist's assistant she is usually hitting the gym, reading a book, studying, spending time with her friends and family or writing for her blog.

Her passion for the transforming and renewing love of Christ has fueled her to create her own personal blog. The mission of her blog is to inform and inspire wholeness. You can read more from Cassie at www.iamcassierogers.com


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