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Thursday, July 13, 2017

When I hear the word ‘righteous’ I rarely think of myself. First I think of God, then Jesus. Then I think of some of my super-Christian friends who I know for sure are obediently walking out the Word in their everyday lives. But rarely would I ever put ‘Cassie’ and ‘righteous’ in the same sentence. Not because I live some crazy, disobedient life but because I don’t see myself as righteous.

“The godly (righteous) may trip seven times, but they will get up again. But one disaster is enough to overthrow the wicked.” -Proverbs 24:16

The righteous are righteous. Before we trip and after we trip! Seven times! The usual attention grabber in this scripture is the “may trip seven times” part. But it should be the “righteous” part. We’re righteous because God says we’re righteous. Not because of anything we did or didn’t do. We are righteous but we have the capability to trip up sometimes. We don’t have enough power within ourselves to be perfect, and we don’t have to because when we put our faith in Jesus, we are made righteous. In Christ, we are righteous.

Even if I don’t feel righteous, I am righteous. Because God says I am no matter how many times I have tripped or will trip in the future.
Let me make something clear, this doesn’t give me the green light for intentional disobedience in my spiritual walk. People don’t trip on purpose. This gives me reassurance that if for some reason I was to trip somewhere along the journey, Jesus will be right there to pick me up, remind me that I’m His and that I’m righteous no matter how I feel.
We will never be more righteous than we are right now. We are righteous because we trust God to make us righteous. Don’t get caught up in a hurry to ‘fix’ yourself. Your behavior is not God’s number one priority. Loving you is His main concern. And through that love, your behaviors will change over time. Let God love you into righteousness. You don’t have to earn it. 

We are not fighting to become righteous. We are righteous, in Christ.

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Cassie Rogers

Cassie is a 26-year-old Dallas native, passionate about seeing this generation live and walk in the fullness of Christ. She was not raised in the church but was found by Christ as a 20-year-old, alcohol-addicted college student. Fast forward 6 years, she is currently a Christian Ministry major advancing into the fields of Biblical and Theological Studies. She also serves on the altar ministry team at her home church. When she is not providing care for patients as a Dermatologist's assistant she is usually hitting the gym, reading a book, studying, spending time with her friends and family or writing for her blog.

Her passion for the transforming and renewing love of Christ has fueled her to create her own personal blog. The mission of her blog is to inform and inspire wholeness. You can read more from Cassie at www.iamcassierogers.com


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