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Monday, July 3, 2017

Running after the future can become, and is exhausting. The constant striving, the reaching, the doing for the outcome- for the arrival and the better. This generation of women has bought into a lie that doing and going for more is where we become enough. That if we reach a certain goal, do a certain thing, work hard enough, mother better, etc., then, and only then have we arrived.

That’s a lie straight from the enemy. The lie that our right now, that the Holy work that is going into the process isn’t enough. What an easy lie. And its got different layers to it too. It makes us believe that we, our selves, could ever do this thing on our own. That in our own will and way, we would achieve something greater than what the Cross has given us. 

It makes us think, and believe that our enough-ness comes from somewhere other than the cross. Our enough-ness IS the CROSS. Our enough-ness is the blood of Jesus. Our enough-ness is His will be done, His kingdom come. 

The enemy also tricks us into believing that the life you live now, and the work that you’ve been called to do, is not enough. That it’s not important. That the healing that you’re doing, the forgiveness that you have extended others hasn’t impacted the kingdom. He wants us to miss the importance of what our work is right now. Because what If we woke up daily, remembering that this is all a gift? And that it is a Holy and Good work?

The work that you put into the breaking of generational bondage is real. The marriage that you are fighting for is real. The mothering of your children, growing and loving them to the cross is real. The time you give and spend with others to walk alongside them. The day to day discipleship. All of this is the kingdom of God. 

Loving in His name, doing the hard work now, knowing that he has gone before us already. That the future is in His hands. All of what we do comes from the Father. Every good thing is because of Him, and not ourselves. If we can remember to live remembering that In Him, we are enough, then we can stop shaming, guilting, and condemning ourselves for never being enough, because we will never be, on our own. 

What can we do now, in this generation, to combat these lies? 

We remember the truths of His love. We refocus ourselves to remember the why behind our actions. If we are doing this, whatever it is- to bring Glory to the kingdom, to do it in His name, are we allowing Him to do it through us? Or are we striving to do it ourselves? Jesus called us to serve, to love, to sacrifice for the right now. We must allow him to do it in and through us, and stope the striving and the chasing. Stop chasing the then- and do the Holy & Hard work in the now. That, it what changes the then. You want impact the generation to come? Serve and love on the generation right now. Your mom and dad, your husband, your children, your friends, the lost, forgotten and unseen. He wants you to know, that You have been called, chosen, and loved sense before you got here, for literally- such a time as this. That your existence matters, and that even in the mundane, and especially in the mundane, is where the Holy, magical, and life changing this happen.

2 Corinthians 5:18-20

{photo: @lydiatruelle} 


Alexandra Hoover


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