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Saturday, July 8, 2017

A million things have happened over just a few short days.  As a person who already struggles with anxiety, I thought I had done pretty well so far with handling it. But isn't that kind of like the game Jenga? Starting as a tall steady tower all in one piece but one by one pieces get taken out, making us just a little more wobbly. It gets a little tougher to stand tall each piece that gets taken out and even when we feel like we're still doing well, it just takes one more piece to make us fall apart. That was me tonight. One by one pieces had been taken out, making it overwhelming to still juggle it all and still stand. One more piece was taken out tonight and I literally just felt myself crumble.  I couldn't balance it all anymore.  I became overwhelmed, heavy-hearted and breathless. I just wanted to sulk into a little puddle and cry.

Within this, God spoke to me. He gave me this verse: "From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I," (Psalm 61:2, KJV) . I don't even normally read verses from this version of scripture, but these exact words are just what God wanted me to hear.  My heart was overwhelmed.  And just like that Jenga game, I had finally fallen apart.  I can't balance all of this on my own and I shouldn't try.  "When its too hard to stand--kneel".  We don't always have to be strong.  We don't always have to juggle it all alone.  Sometimes God takes that last piece out simply to bring us to our knees and realize it's HIM that we need.

Dear sisters, when your heart is overwhelmed, remember Jesus is our ROCK. Our firm foundation.  The only One in which we can find rest. 

{photo: @lydiatrudelle} 

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Emily Buckallew

≫ ≫ Emily is a small town girl who grew up in rural Northeast Missouri. She's a wife to her husband of seven years and mother to a sweet little girl who is almost three. She is a professional portrait photographer in Northeast Missouri -- Infinite Joy Photography. She loves to spend time with her family, write and read when she has time. She is actively involved in her church and bible study group and loves her coffee!

Emily lives with her heart on her sleeve and finds the greatest joy in giving to others. She finds the most inspiration looking through the camera lens and seeing the beauty God has created. She hopes that others will find encouragement through the words the Lord leads her to write.


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