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Friday, August 11, 2017

It’s only the beginning of August but I can already feel the transition of the seasons. I know it’s cliché to relate the changing of physical seasons to spiritual seasons but recently I’ve noticed so much change threatening to happen in my own life. It’s led me to ask a lot of questions and really dive in to the, “why” behind what I do. Why do I feel led to do this thing? Why do I want to succeed in this other area? Why have I stayed in this certain situation for so long? Why do I spend so much time on ____? Essentially, I am thinking about purpose. I’ve realized in my own life that sometimes I confuse being productive with being purposeful and in all of the busyness I miss the ‘why’ behind my intentions completely. I don’t want to go after things just to check it off my list and say that I did it. I want to be fueled by passion in all of my pursuits. What does that look like? Jesus said, “My food is to do the will of the Father who sent me.” (John 4:34 NASB) He was literally fueled by the very purpose He had. In our efforts to pursue our dreams let us not confuse purpose for productivity. I know in my own life if I’m pursuing a calling I want it to fit in a neat and tidy box and actually look like something. I want to say I am Sam Jones and I do ___________. I want the product and most of the time that means success. But success doesn’t mean I’m necessarily living purposefully. It doesn’t matter if what you are doing looks successful or not or if other people are doing the same thing successfully and you’re not. What matters is that you are doing what God has placed in your heart before time existed. We are co-laboring in an intimate relationship with a Father who delights to see our passion. That is our why behind what we do. That is true purpose.

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≫ ≫ Sam is a woman with passion for first-love devotion to the Lord who uses creativity to express that devotion and draw others into the same manner of worship. She is fascinated with the God who desires relationship and union and writes openly about this grace. Sam lives in Alabama with her husband and is obsessed with her huge family, finding the perfect latte, and exploring new places.


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