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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I had developed a facial paralysis after experiencing a respiratory infection and my face was partially frozen. I was scared and uncertain.  Emotional pain was far greater than the physical and now, I can't remember how bad it hurt.

That’s the funny thing about pain.  At the time, we can’t take our minds off of it and when we’re free, we can’t imagine just how bad it was.

Pain is immeasurable. Asking for it on a scale of 1 to 10 seems incomplete. Measure 1 to 10 but what is your pain capacity? How do you respond to pain?  These further questions seem necessary.

Sometimes, it just doesn’t hurt bad enough yet. We aren’t going to the Dr until the infection develops and even then, we’ll see if some peroxide and a bandaid might fix it.  We mask the pain source instead of healing the wound – a temporary fix that sometimes causes greater damage.

We also minimize our own pain because my bells palsy isn't her divorce or the loss of a child, bankruptcy, cancer or fill in your own story.

Hard is hard, no matter what hard is. Life is hard. Thankfully, we don't have to handle hard alone.

Jesus knows “hard.” Further than being beaten beyond recognition – He was betrayed by His own, doubted by His best friend, hungry from fasting, tired from temptation, angry at the money changers. There’s NOTHING He hasn’t felt but we act as if He couldn’t possibly understand what we’re experiencing so we push Him away because He just didn’t take all of it like we asked Him to. 

Sometimes, feeling every part IS the process to healing and often times, it gets better before it gets worse. Stitches will sting but they are necessary so that you can heal from the inside out.  And that’s what He’s doing.  Healing our hearts, our emotional pain and our physical wounds from the inside out.  It takes time, patience and trust. 

Does it hurt bad enough yet?  Willing to let Him come and do what He does best?  Believe He will? It might hurt a little but it will be worth it.

There are minimal visible effects from my bells palsy.  But I don’t feel or remember the pain that once plagued me.  I choose to remember the healing that took place.

About the Author

Jill Parr

≫ ≫ Singer. Speaker. Writer. Coffee consumer. Wife. Mom. Mimi. Shoe lover. These are some of the things that make Jill Parr who she is. Although she is passionate about all of these, she might be most passionate about helping women walk into their true identity of who it is that God created them to be.
Parr toured the country as a CCM recording artist, playing festivals and churches for over a decade. Never giving up her dream to sing full time, God started moving her in a new direction in 2009. She started speaking to women and singing less, all while wrestling with the idea of this new season.
Parr’s husband, Brian Hardin, founded the Daily Audio Bible in 2006. Parr is the founder of, “More Gathering” that is sponsored by the Daily Audio Bible, annually. (www.moregathering.com)
Jill and Brian live outside of Nashville, Tennessee, with their 5 kids and first grandchild. They travel extensively throughout the year.
In addition to speaking and singing, Jill enjoys shoe shopping, the outdoors, cooking, fashion, music, painting art all while enjoying great coffee.


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