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Sunday, August 27, 2017

"For everything there is a season..." (Ecc. 3:1, ESV).

Life comes with many changing seasons. That means that we will experience countless beginnings and ends throughout each of our lives.

That used to bother me. I used to absolutely hate change. Once I find something that I like, I want to keep it forever.
I used to worry myself sick over the fear of losing something that I loved, whether that be a person, an item, or a position.
But God has helped me with that fear over the years by always using change for the good.
God doesn't ask us to let go of good things just for sacrifice or obedience sake, He asks us to let go of good things so that we will be free to take hold of something even better that He has in mind.
Every time God has asked me go let go of something good that I have loved, He has shown me that it was only because He had something even better for my next season.
If God is asking you to let go of something that He gave you in the first place, you can trust that He isn't going to leave you empty handed, He has something planned that will fill you even more.
And the season that you're letting go of could be the very season that someone else is praying to walk into.
You can trust our Loving Father, He always knows and does what is the very best for your life, your joy, and your soul.

Im so sad to see this season as a writer for the Daughter of Delight end. It has been a beautiful 3 months of growing my faith, my writing, and my connections. But I am so, so excited to see who God is going to place in this next 3 month period and watch how He is going to use them all. I love this community dearly. 

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Bethany Boynton

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