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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The thought that we have a Father that loves us, and walks with us to give us peace, sometimes seems out of reach and unreal. I remember sitting on my back porch, talking to my little girl about not being able to see God. She had all of the questions- “Mom, I know you talk to me about God, and I know that He loves us, but how can I know that he is real, if I don’t feel Him? And how is He taking care of us, if we can’t see Him?” Oh, man. Those questions fell over me like a heavy rainfall. I felt the same way, at times. How can a God, who I don’t see, provide peace and love me? How is it that He provides this all, while we are in the ebb and flow, in the thick of our lives? How can I take heart, and at times I just don’t feel Him? I told my sweet girl in that moment, that even though we at times didn’t feel Him, didn’t make him not real, and that we would also feel and see God in the beauty and redemption of things that were once broken. 

We must be able to speak the truth of who he is over our situations and lives. He loves us, and He is a good father who has overcome the world. I know, it’s a simple sentence, but it has the freedom of life within it. Jesus came to overcome the world so that we would not be overcome by it. He came and sent the Holy Spirit to dwell in us for the rest of our lives. By proclaiming the truth, and speaking it over the lies and unrest that live in our hearts and our minds.

 I know sister- struggling to trust Him and to believe that He is for us and not against us can sometimes seem heavier than It is. Maybe it seems out of reach. The great thing, however,  is that in the Bible we learn about a loving Father who cared so much for His children, that He sent His son, our savior Jesus to die for us. He knew that we would need to be ransomed. And because He loved us so, He changed the direction of His children, to a path from death to life. He knew that there would be many days to come where we would feel defeated and outdone, and took the weight of it all for us. 

Take heart sister, He has overcome. We can trust in Him to walk with us, even when we don’t feel Him, for the rest of our lives. 

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Alexandra Hoover


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