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Friday, September 22, 2017

Remember that bible school song, 'Deep and Wide'? You know: "Deep and wide, deep and wide there's a fountain flowing deep and wide".... I have to admit, for that to be my anthem back in the day, it really confused me. I never understood why we were singing about a fountain - my young, wild imagination thought maybe it was the fountain of youth, maybe it was a really hot bath. Regardless, it was bizarre to me. Even today, I can't say I am 110% sure what the song itself is supposed to convey to our young minds, but I can say it has a newly developed application in my life.

I've been praying over the ability to lead from the inside out, to bravely declare every word that leaves my lips and every action I take and craft each to be intentional, steadfast and authentic. But, I am a very, very reserved person. It can be difficult for me to express what I feel, especially in person. I've learned that when I write, I fully express - I am bold and shameless, I declare what I feel.... but only after careful editing and revising the words over and over.

There are times that I believe God designed me to be reserved, analytical and deep in connection with the world and people around me. I honestly believe that is a gift. But there are often times where it interferes from where I want to be in my spiritual / day-to-day world.

So, enter my anthem of childhood bible jams, 'deep and wide'... Do you see why it's on replay in my head, now? I can actually envision a fountain of water flowing through my body, pulsating all that I have deep within, allowing it to flow to the places and people ready to receive it.

Today, I declare, be it God's will, to expose my inner guide to lead from the depths of my soul when He calls. I profess that I will work to discredit the disbelief built up in myself and to live out loud, allowing all to flow deep and wide throughout me and out the world.

May we all live a life where a fountain freely flows through us and pours into others. Amen.

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Katelyn Pfeffer

Katelyn is on a quest to live aligned and faith-filled. A lover of all things trending, leadership, ‘lol’ stories, strong coffee and good conversation, she is a wellness warrior on a mission to connect with others on their journey to living their best lives. Katelyn believes in the power of people and prayer and dreams of building community through and with Christ.


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