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Monday, October 23, 2017

I want to share an “illness” of mine. It’s something I’ve suffered from for over half of my life and wish others who suffer from this “illness” would discuss more often. I try my best to cover it up once the symptoms arrive, but instead, I lie to myself and others in the process.

It’s the incredible difficulty in saying the word “no”. Anyone else with me on this exhausting issue? I constantly have a battle within me. In the left corner is the need to satisfy everyone fully (which is impossible, if you didn’t know). In the right corner is finding the leftover time (which also doesn’t exist) to rest, be still, and spend time with the Lord (mostly complaining about how tired and spread thin I feel).

“Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ” (Galatians 1:10, NIV).

Paul wasn’t playing games, y’all. He wasn’t interested in satisfying other humans. His life’s mission was to serve the Lord and do what he was asked. Sometimes, I place my identity and worth in the hands of others who will run my spirit and physical body ragged with requests, favors, tasks, and questions I feel I have no choice but to answer. I lose sleep over the things I have no control over and I fill my mind with anxiety because I can’t stand to be disliked or the feeling of unintentionally breaking a promise.

No one can do “all the things”. We were all created with different gifts, talents, and abilities for a reason. The Lord is good and gave us a mind to know when our plate is full and our limit has been reached. Our identity and worth should be in Him and His unfailing love. When we pretend that we can do it all, we are damaging ourselves by believing Satan’s lies of inadequacy.

How can we be a servant of Christ if we can’t breathe from anxiety or can’t go when He asks us to go because we’re stuck in a list full of “yes’s”? Spend this Monday asking the Lord what He truly wants from you. Does He want you to sit still and rest for a certain amount of time in the day? Does He want you to be brave and say “no” to something that may be hard for you to give away? Does He want you to trust Him and allow someone the opportunity to serve His kingdom? Because He made us, He knows us best and desires to satisfy our souls. Spend today seeking His wisdom and knowledge in what He wants for you and your life.

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Nicole Currie

Nicole Currie is a 25 year old woman who is passionate about Christ and loving people well. She surrendered her life to Christ as she entered into high school and has been following Him ever since. She is a Children's Minister and leads worship in her hometown at the church she was active in as a child.
Nicole loves encouraging others and believes in the importance of cheering on the family of God when they are experiencing life in the lowest valley or the highest mountain. Nicole is an Arkansas native who loves the Hogs and enjoys playing the piano and guitar, snort-laughing with her friends, and watching cooking shows on television in her spare time.


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