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Monday, November 27, 2017

Sharing my life with you all this term has been an incredibly challenging task to follow. When I first applied for the position to write, I couldn’t breathe as I wrote my first piece. I begged the Lord to give me a “sweet and simple” word to share with you all, but that was far from what He gave me to write.

Each piece that these incredible women and co-laborers have written, even since the beginning of this ministry, has been a word that the Lord has sent to them to serve His children. Whether it be a word of encouragement, conviction, honesty, or joy, God has molded these stories for His glory and His name.

In the path of your judgments, O Lord, we wait for you; your name and remembrance are the desire of our soul.” -Isaiah 26:8 (ESV) 

God has ordained each woman who has written for this beautiful ministry to write from their heart. As we each pray for His heart and His guidance, we open our lives, our messy confessions, and beautiful stories for you to see His goodness and grace with how He’s continually working through each of our lives because of His compassionate and unending love for us. And He extends that opportunity to all His children. Because we are His, He cherishes us and gives us a voice, so that others can know how He is orchestrating each of our lives for a purpose. 

You may not be led to write, but you may be led to go for a coffee date with a new friend. He may be stirring you to take a step in faith and serve the church in obedience. I was caught off guard when He asked me to send in my most honest hurt as a piece to apply with, but I am honored and thankful for His grace and leadership in this twelve-week season. What a joy it has been to serve you all.

Stand in the gap and encourage someone to search for how He wants to use them for His glory. He created us and brought us into His story because He loves us. Let His name and His delight in you be the desire of your soul. 

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About the Author

Nicole Currie
Nicole Currie is a 25 year old woman who is passionate about Christ and loving people well. She surrendered her life to Christ as she entered into high school and has been following Him ever since. She is a Children's Minister and leads worship in her hometown at the church she was active in as a child.

Nicole loves encouraging others and believes in the importance of cheering on the family of God when they are experiencing life in the lowest valley or the highest mountain. Nicole is an Arkansas native who loves the Hogs and enjoys playing the piano and guitar, snort-laughing with her friends, and watching cooking shows on television in her spare time.


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