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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Emotions are tricky to navigate. Relying on the fleeting feelings and desires that surface in the immediate moment often leaves our hearts shattered in a million pieces. For me, it came a time where trusting what I felt was extremely challenging, and I even began to demonize the beautiful creation that emotions are—all because of the hurtful patterns of taking what I felt to people.

The entire book of Psalms is a roller coaster experience of David’s emotions—from pain and brokenness, to inexpressible joy and happiness—we, too, are immersed in it all. The subtle beauty of thisis that David conversed honestly, openly, and was completely vulnerable with the Lord. He was emotional with his Father—laying what he felt and experienced deep within his heart at the feet of his King. His is an exquisite journey of finding deep fellowship and trust in the Father, where David knew that his heart, his emotions, and his feelings were kept safest in the Lord’s hands.

I think we forget to realize that our Father is deeply emotional. If we look at Isaiah, Jeremiah, and many other books, we see God’s righteous anger and passionate jealousy over the hearts of His children. He feels so desperately for us that He would allow us to walk into things that will ultimately turn us to His face. We hear the cry of His heart through all of these verses—a deep, almost agonizing longing of God for the Israelites to just realize their destructive paths.

The Creator of the heavens, the earth, and the wonder of all that is unseen understands what you feel. That characteristic is inherent to who God is, and He has placed it in each one of us. Don’t be afraid of how you feel. Allow the Father to move and stir you in your affections towards Him. Feel for Him. Emote with Him. Take your brokenness to Him, like David did, and watch how a trust is cultivated in your being.

Run to His steadfast love, not the immediacy of what you feel in the moment. For He will keep your heart safe.

{photo: @manushkabains}

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Jess Palmer

Jess is a designer and innovator in Pretoria, South Africa. Her heart is to express the beauty of our Father’s heart through all forms of art, but mainly through her design, poetry and photography. She desires to invest in the lives of people around her — to journey with them in cultivating their God-given potential. If anywhere, you will find Jess musing in a coffee shop or wandering contemplatively in a garden.

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