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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

When Enoch became a father to Methuselah, he experienced a deeper relationship with God and was given additional years to his life (Genesis 5:21, 22 NIV). But as he lived, he faced tremendous threats on his holy walk. After all, it was an evil age thickened with iniquity and sin and one had to be fiercely devoted to God not to become poisoned by the moral pollution that surrounded him. Still, Enoch survived because he had a simple secret for maintaining his holy walk—he protected his special worship time with God. This allowed him to experience a deeper encounter with the Savior.

When I think of successful individuals, one thing remains common about their lives—they set aside personal time for reflection and meditation. This intentional investment in their personal development allows them to always be at their best with others. As believers, we, too, need to become intentional about our relationship with God so that we can be at our best with others. This involves choosing a special time daily to bask in the Savior’s glory and sit at His feet as a student of His ways.

If Enoch were in our time, I can imagine him secluding himself at certain times to pray or meditate on God’s Word. I can imagine him slipping away to a quiet place during his lunch period to spend a moment of solitude with God. Or, he may have ended his day by meditating on Scripture and journaling the revelations and impressions offered to him by the Holy Spirit. Enoch's intentional communing with God allowed him to become more and more like Christ daily. And his method can work for us today, too. 

This week, if you desire to be at your best and to gain a “holy glow,” make the choice to be intentional about your quality time with God.

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About the Author

Dentrecia Blanchette

Dentrecia is a creative nurturer from the island of St. Kitts who is learning, growing and evolving with Christ, grace and a smile. She is the Founder of Sugar For Your Heart (@sugarforyourheart) – a ministry that’s focused on creating quiet and safe spaces where individuals can explore and better understand and appreciate emotional and spiritual wellness.

Dentrecia is also a counselling psychology graduate student at California Southern University. She is committed to dispelling the myths and stigma associated with seeking mental health treatment, particularly in the Caribbean and Christian community.


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