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Thursday, January 18, 2018

I stood gazing out into the deep restlessness of the ocean this past week. I couldn’t help but marvel at the vast expanse that stretched further than my eye could see. There’s something about that boundless space that got my heart beating faster.

Who has measured the waters in the hollow of His hand, or with the breadth of His hand marked off the heavens?” -Isaiah 40:12 (NIV)

So often in my relationship with Christ I limit my delight and wonder in Him — I allow my childhood faith to fall into a space of complacency. I think as humans we have this natural tendency to contain, to put into a box what should be manifest. We allow our need for understanding to stifle the unexplainable dimensions of our Father, and thus limit the vastness and wonder that He wants so desperately to show us.

As I looked at the ocean, I was disturbed in my spirit. It’s so easy to stay comfortable in our ways and put boundaries on the ways of the Father. I know it’s really scary to wander into the expansive unknown, to spaces we can’t control, but as the Word says, He brings comfort to our souls as we allow His immensity to blow away our expectations (Isaiah 40). Just imagine seeing the phenomenon of the stars. It’s like wandering into a treasure trove of exploding radiance and majesty. I feel so deeply this season that our Creator wants us to seek and discover so much more of who He is — His essence, His glory.

You see, heaven is inside of us, my dear sisters. We have access to the vastness of who He is, our beautiful Creator. Our world is changed when we seek Him, when we allow our own perceptions to be altered, transformed, as He reveals Himself to us.

Do not limit the character of our Father within the boundaries of your own life. Throw away the fixed measurements that you place on Him. Expect infinite things, expect things beyond your imagination and allow God to reveal wonders and indescribable mysteries of His nature. Find delight in your Father again.

Allow the limitlessness of His glory to change your heart. 

{photo: @tenikomo

About the Author

Jess Palmer

Jess is a designer and innovator in Pretoria, South Africa. Her heart is to express the beauty of our Father’s heart through all forms of art, but mainly through her design, poetry and photography. She desires to invest in the lives of people around her — to journey with them in cultivating their God-given potential. If anywhere, you will find Jess musing in a coffee shop or wandering contemplatively in a garden.

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