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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The children of Israel ended up in Kadesh-Barnea after years of wandering in the wilderness. While on the southern borders of the Promised Land, the water stopped flowing at the campsite. This dilemma was the perfect opportunity for God to show Himself and for them to turn to Him for help. After all, He had always provided for them in the past. But the Israelites did what they had become used to doing—they complained. 

Consider Numbers 20:3: “And the people quarreled with Moses and said, “Would that we had perished when our brothers perished before the Lord!" (ESV). Moses and Aaron sought God’s help, and He commanded Moses to instruct the rock to bring forth water. Instead, Moses struck the rock with his rod and water gushed forth in abundance. As good as this may seem, a great wrong was done in the eyes of God. Moses had done his own thing instead of obeying the simple command of God. 

On one level, I can understand why Moses, who had a track record of being obedient to God, would act out of character—he had just buried his sister and was irritated by the complaints of the Israelites. Still, in the eyes of God, these rational reasons provided no excuse for his behavior. 
In the next few months, there might be challenges that may shift our focus from God. And, in spite of our best plans and intentions, there will be times when we may be pushed over the edge like Moses and act out of character because of unfortunate circumstances or soul-crushing emotions. Still, in God's eyes, these will not serve as excuses to do our own thing, act in our wisdom, or grumble and complain. 

Let us be careful not to allow self, the sin of ingratitude, and the spirit of complaint to rise up and dominate. For even the most faithful and diligent daughter of God can slip up or be pushed over the edge when she is not fully surrendered to and inhabited by the Holy Spirit. 

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About the Author

Dentrecia Blanchette

Dentrecia is a creative nurturer from the island of St. Kitts who is learning, growing and evolving with Christ, grace and a smile. She is the Founder of Sugar For Your Heart (@sugarforyourheart) – a ministry that’s focused on creating quiet and safe spaces where individuals can explore and better understand and appreciate emotional and spiritual wellness.

Dentrecia is also a counselling psychology graduate student at California Southern University. She is committed to dispelling the myths and stigma associated with seeking mental health treatment, particularly in the Caribbean and Christian community.


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