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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

I recently launched a marketing agency out of obedience to God. It has been an incredible battle establishing a base of clients. So, you can imagine my disappointment when I had to recently say no to a potential client because of a conflict in values and morals. It hurt, but deep in my heart, I knew it was more important to remain true to building my business on Christ-like principles, even if it cost me a client or two. 

I believe that Queen Vashti had a similar mindset in Esther 1. She was the Persian Queen with regal beauty before there was Esther. Her beauty was so lovely that at a party one evening, the King demanded that she model before him and his guests. Queen Vashti refused to comply to the King's request and stood in her dignity and self-respect, fully aware of what might happen to her. Her denial to obey the King's request enraged him and he banished her from his presence and the kingdom forever. 

Many scholars state that the King requested for Queen Vashti to model fully naked, wearing nothing but her crown in front of the drunken crowd. Others state that she was simply asked to remove her veil from her face and model. Others state that nothing was asked of Vashti to dishonor her feminine modesty. Whatever dynamics accompanied the King’s request, Vashti felt justified in her bold decision to disobey her husband. For, to her, the request was far beneath her dignity. 

Although we do not hear of Queen Vashti again, we do know that her stand on principles and subsequent banishment opened the way for Esther. 

Sister, there are times when you too will have to choose to retain your dignity over perceived duty or over the base desires of others. You may have to gracefully say “no” to requests that are far beneath who God has called you to be. When you do, you may lose a status, a promotion at work, a relationship or like me a client. That’s okay. Your bold stand for the right is honored by God; and, it opens the way for other Queens. 

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About the Author

Dentrecia Blanchette

Dentrecia is a creative nurturer from the island of St. Kitts who is learning, growing and evolving with Christ, grace and a smile. She is the Founder of Sugar For Your Heart (@sugarforyourheart) – a ministry that’s focused on creating quiet and safe spaces where individuals can explore and better understand and appreciate emotional and spiritual wellness.

Dentrecia is also a counseling psychology graduate student at California Southern University. She is committed to dispelling the myths and stigma associated with seeking mental health treatment, particularly in the Caribbean and Christian community.


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