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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Several years ago, I received a promise from the Lord. Soon after that promise was given, things began to manifest and it seemed as if the promise would come to life. Then, life happened and suddenly things started to fall apart. It left me doubting and questioning God. Did I hear Him correctly? Is this where I'm supposed to be? As I was ready to give up God whispered to me:

"You are being tested. Blessed is who believes that the Lord 
would fulfill the promises spoken to her (Luke 1:45). Trust me."

This verse always calms me and brings me back to reality. Prior to my reality check, I felt that there was no way my situation could get better. It seemed as if nothing could redeem my promise.

Except God can.

Eight verses prior to Mary's visit with Elizabeth, an angel of the Lord gives Mary a big promise. She would be the mother of a Savior. After she hears this, the angel states: "For nothing is impossible with God” (Luke 1:37).

She certainly had an impossible situation. She, a virgin would give birth to our Savior. The promise God gives her is bigger than she could ever imagine, yet she chooses to believe. And she is blessed because of it.

When God gives you a promise, believe Him. Ignore how crazy things may seem and trust Him fully. Nothing in our lives is too big or too far gone for our God to handle. 

About the Author

Alexis Newlin

Alexis is a 34-year-old lover of Jesus, loose leaf tea, rollercoasters, and adventures. Originally from Marietta GA, Alexis now resides in Fresno, CA where she works as a recreation therapist at Valley Children's. Alexis enjoys teaching and encouraging kids that they can do and be anything they want, despite their disability.

When not at work, you can find Alexis outdoors enjoying a walk in her neighborhood, scoping out the newest food truck, hanging out with friends or planning her next trip. Her church, The Revival Center, and family mean the world to her. They have supported her through the loss of her mother and a cancer diagnosis. 

Through her trials and triumphs, God has pushed her to share her faith and encourage others through her writing. Writing is something she is passionate about and it is a joy for her to share her walk with God and encourage others.

You can find her blog here and follow along with her on Instagram here.


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