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Saturday, March 17, 2018

I felt it. The heart-pounding heaviness on my chest; the fuzzy feeling in my head where nothing makes sense. It grabbed hold of me, and nothing I did could shake it—no amount of chocolate could quell the unsteady feeling in my heart. Netflix binging dimmed it for a while, but nothing could cure it permanently. Fear isn’t a friend. It’s not welcome here, but still, somehow, it takes up space where it shouldn’t. We all wrestle with fear on some level- fear of the future, fear from our past, fear of rejection. It gets hold of us and doesn’t let us go without a fight. Some days we have to fight more than others.

I’m so grateful that God doesn’t disqualify those who are fearful. An example of this is Gideon. Despite being afraid and uncertain, he is still included in the story. It’s the same for us. We’re still included and used by God, even when we are afraid. One of my favorite parts of Gideon’s story is that, before he even steps into the call on his life, God affirms his identity (Judges 6:12). Even in this, Gideon questions God. He doubts God’s presence because there is an absence of prosperity. But what resonates with me the most, is that God hears Gideon’s fear. It isn’t disregarded or bypassed, but it’s addressed. So often, when we are encapsulated by fear, we feel that God doesn’t hear us or that He has overlooked us. Sweet girl, know that amongst the chaos of the storm, the fear in your heart is heard, considered and understood completely.

But God never leaves us in our fear. Just as with Gideon, He calls us to something more. Sometimes our stories are similar to Gideon’s. We have a significant revelation of God, and from that, we carry perfect peace. However, sometimes God chooses to bring us on a journey. He walks with us in the process, calling us to trust Him more. And in that place, we find our peace. Remember today that in your weakness, His strength is perfect (2 Corinthians 12:9) and in His love, there is nothing to fear (1 John 4:8). 

About the Author

Steph McGown

Steph loves Jesus, coffee and music- anything folk, alternative or Taylor Swift. You’ll normally find her sitting in her favourite spot at her local coffee store, she is a creature of habit. Originally from Ireland, Steph recently moved to Thunder Bay, Ontario, to work as worship and creative arts intern at Redwood Park church. It’s the best decision she has ever made. 

Her heart is for the local church and she avidly believes in the role of community in the lives of followers of Jesus.


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